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Following are outtakes and snippets from different blog posts and interviews:

Salventius (a.k.a. Niels Kiené) is a Dutch artist known for his portraits created with just one line.

It doesn’t feel like I suddenly got into illustration as I have always been drawing. To be honest, I don’t even consider myself an illustrator, a painter or an artist; I just like to create and I do it with love… So maybe that makes me more of a lover! At this moment I enjoy creating light paintings, tattoos, sculptures and 3D prints. All following the same single line style.

The start

I’ve always liked to experiment with continuous lines and that technique allowed me to create spontaneous forms, mostly portraits. It’s also a way to challenge myself, as each drawing is created in the moment and I don’t lift the pen off the paper until the entire portrait is revealed. Then is when I finally get to meet that face I’ve created and the personality behind.


Faces I see, in real life or online; Music. I like to experiment with different activities and see how they affect the different personalities that I create.

The process

I just try to force myself to finish every work I start. It’s the only way for me to get the best result, and I hope that discipline and joy reflects in my work.

Tools & technique

Everything that allows me to create a continuous line: I use a flashlight and camera for my light paintings, spray paint on canvas for some other artwork, and I am currently working with laser-cutting and 3D printing technique to create continuous line portraits in 3D.

I’m looking forward to trying VR techniques with Google and Tiltbrush, although that’s a little too expensive to experiment with at the moment!

Staying motivated

Being constantly experimenting with new ways of expressing myself though art feels like every work is both enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

What the future brings

I don’t know where my portraits will take me, and that’s ok for me! If people want to join me on my adventure, they can follow my social streams: Instagram and Facebook. I’m currently doing a year long project #366daysofdrawing, that will end on the 12th of December this year. After that… Who knows!


Meet The Artist Whose Drawings Fuel The Single Line Tattoo Trend


by Jen Ripper (november 2017)

Very often, contemporary art directly inspires tattoo collectors, and the work of Niels Kiené, better known as Salventius, is no exception. The artist is famous for his portraits, created with one continuous line in a single stroke.


Already working with a variety of materials, such as acrylic markers, paint, wires and even flashlights (for lightpainting), it was only natural for Salventius to offer his art for one of the most permanent mediums – tattoos. Indeed, collectors from all over the world are buying his single line tattoo designs to wear on their skin.



But designs for one-of-a-kind ink is not the only Salventius is selling. He also gives away his heartwarming philosophy: "All is a path and an adventure. Love it, live it and only towards the end you will see the bigger picture."


The Dutch artist finds inspiration in the profile pictures of people he's connected to. After capturing the image in his mind, Salventius then reproduces it into a drawing. He tells Konbini:


"It is something that feels very natural. It comes as it goes. Spontaneity is also something that makes the quality of the portraits better, the inspiration I get from real life and online portraits is feeding the output subconsciously."

Unsurprisingly, people are recognizing themselves in his art. This personal vibe is what attracts the connected generation and tattoo artists worldwide. Single line tattoos are popular due to their meaningful concept, both to the artist and the collector.


"The end result is even more perfect than I have imagined. You know, it’s all about the saying 'in the end, everything is OK, so if it is not OK, then its not the end.'


The continuous one line technique reflects life at its best. Don’t stop until it's perfect and a mistake can turn out to be something wonderful as long as you go with the flow, and trust on your skills."