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Funkie x Salventius Unisex Limited T-shirt

I have worked at Funkie House in the past. Back then, we did a lot of T-Shirt designs. This new shirt is an homage to our collaboration. The shirt comes in a box that is customized with an original drawing. 

Facts and Fit: Limited edition, unisex, Boxy fit

Salventius x Funkie Limited Shirt

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Funkie x Salventius Unisex Limited T-shirt

This shirt is silkscreen printed with 7 bright colors. It has a boxy fit and is made with responsible garments and production. It comes with a signed limited print of 'World as one line' and an original small drawing (21 x 29,7 cm 11,6 x 8,2 inch) 

Facts and Fit: Limited edition, unisex, Boxy fit