Article ELLE Italy x Salventius

Article ELLE Italy x Salventius

Article ELLE ITALY published February 2024, written by Anna Volpicelli

The encounters between the most innovative artists of the international scene and fashion brands in search of inspiration are often casual and sometimes blessed by luck. The result? Limited edition collections that come to life from painterly suggestions, street art, and unique geometries. - by Anna Volpicelli

A secular and, at times, codependent love affair. The relationship between fashion and art is a profound and sensual partnership that has given rise, throughout history, to legendary collaborations. Exemplary was the creative union between Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí, which gave birth to a series of garments, true works of art to wear. Over time, the scenario has evolved, and fashion houses have opened their ateliers to a series of talents who have transferred their imagination and artistic poetics to bags, shoes, clothes, pants, making each piece a unique collectible. These two universes, sometimes parallel, have begun to nourish and influence each other: the garment has become a painting and the fabric the canvas to paint on. From Milan to Los Angeles, here are five niche artists who have lent their creativity to the production of limited edition collections.

On the left. The Dutch Niels Kiené (Salventius), who collaborated with Zara (on the left and on the next page). Below. Velia de Iuliis and a bag decorated for the Californian brand Kill Spencer,

Niels Kiené Salventius - LIFE LINES

His Carpe Dream is an integral part of the Zara F/W '23-'24 collection. "This mantra reflects a lot my way of making art, which is to continue dreaming even with open eyes," says Niels Kiené, also known as Salventius, a Dutch artist famous for his abstract portraits and his light painting works created with a single continuous line. Thanks to the talent management agency Vcollective, some of his works have been selected by Zara, in particular his portraits and graffiti, which have enriched t-shirts, sweatshirts, and bombers. "What I love most about the world of fashion is its ability to build a community, to create culture, and to be an aggregator of diverse personalities. Moreover, this collaboration has given me the opportunity to reach a very wide audience."